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Collage_HD 2018-06-25 23_46_06NOW Through Summer Journey to Rienfield For 99 Cents! 

NOW Through the SUMMER SEASON journey to the award winning mythical realm of Rinefield for a special reduced price of #99CENTS!
Teacht ar mo chairde….” a voice whispers on the wind. What is this you ask? Your adventure beckons you to come away to a world inspired by the #romance and beauty of #Celtic and #Gaelic #history and #folklore. The majesty of the Scottish Highlands and the mystical beauty of Ireland come alive in the mythical realm of Rinefield!
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Both books became #1 international #Amazon bestsellers in US UK CA FR AU BR

Can a reluctant Princess heal the torn Kingdoms and the heart of a battle hardened warrior Prince? Join Laurel and Caleb along with an amazing cast, on an extraordinary journey, filled with excitement, treachery, danger and finding a #love you only dared dream of! A love story that will leave you breathless, and a world like none imagined!

The Treasure of Gwenlais US
The Treasure of Gwenlais UK
The Treasure of Gwenlais CA Trailer Turn on sound!
Child of the Kindred US
Child of the Kindred UK
Child of the Kindred CA Trailer Turn on sound